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Last evening we were again the recipients of generosity expressed by another one our sister Lodges here in Boston. The Master and members Columbian Lodge presented us with a beautifully embroidered banner to celebrate our upcoming constitution. You really must see it in person to appreciate the detail and splendor of this extremely thoughtful gift.

Additionally we were treated last night to a uniquely crafted charge presented to our new Master Masons by Right Worshipful H. Robert Huke III. This charge presented additional light, not only to our new Masons, but also to the rest of us in attendance. The charge achieved what every successful presentation of ritual aspires to do, it educated and provoked thoughtful enquiry and perspective into our degrees which will not be soon forgotten.


Wor. Dan Taylor of Columbian Lodge presents their gift of a new banner to Wor. Peter Lawson, Master of The Lodge of the Royal Secret.




RW Brother Huke, lll presenting his charge to five of our new Master Masons.


Wor. Brother Lawson updates members and guests at dinner after the Communication.


In case you missed the Special Communication on October 24th.


Worshipful Master Peter Lawson proposing a toast to The Most Worshipful Grand Master of Masons in Massachusetts, Paul F. Gleason.


Worshipful Master Peter Lawson proposing toasts to the Valley of Boston, A.A.S.R. and to The Lodge of the Royal Secret, Officers, Members and members to be.




Lodge of the Royal Secret has established a tradition of having newly raised Master Masons saber open a bottle of champagne before dinner to celebrate their raising. Worshipful Lawson seems to be reconsidering this tradition.


Three of our newly raised brothers, Matthew Kynch, Junlong Zhao and Gamble Wiseman.



RW Brother Cappabianco (3rd Gate), RW Brother Leone (1st Gate) and RW Brother Huke (2nd Gate, Not Pictured) served as the gates for the Legend of Hyram Abiff. Thank you, brothers.

RW_Petit_Enters.jpgRight Worshipful Brother Michael Petit enters the Lodge of the Royal Secret for the first ever Official Visit to our Lodge.
RW_Petit_enters_2.jpgStewards about to create the Arch as the RW District Deputy Grand Marshal looks on.






Installation of our Senior Steward.



Right Worshipful Brother Michael Petit sabers a bottle of Champagne in honor of the first Official Visit to Lodge of the Royal Secret.


Brother Stephen Prentiss receiving the Robert Johnston Award for service to the Lodge of the Royal Secret.

The Lodge of the Royal Secret AF & AM

The Lodge of the Royal Secret is the newest Lodge in Massachusetts.  We meet on the Third Thursday of every month (except July and August). We were instituted with two purposes in mind, to focus on the work of the initiation process and to provide for a more direct and easier path for new men to become involved in the Ancient and Accepted Scottish Rite.

Our meetings are formal affairs, all members are requested to attend in tuxedo and white gloves.  While that is our preferred attire, we understand that not everyone travels with their tuxedo, we do request visitors and guests try to accommodate with a dark suit, white shirt and dark tie.

Our goal is to excel at the ceremonies in which we make men Masons, thus providing for a truly memorable and impressive experience for men who join our Fraternity.  By maintaining a high standard for our ritual, we also aim to provide that impressive and memorable experience for Masons who have witnessed the degrees numerous times already, hopefully enabling further light to be found in our works.

We are the only Lodge in Massachusetts which is affiliated with the Ancient and Accepted Scottish Rite, specifically the Valley of Boston.  All our founding members are Scottish Rite Masons from the Valley of Boston and all men joining our Fraternity join both the Lodge of the Royal Secret and the Valley at the same time, we confer the three fundamental degrees of Masonry, that of Entered Apprentice, Fellowcraft and Master Mason.  The bodies of the Valley confer the symbolic degrees of fourth through thirty-second.

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Installation and Dinner